The Power of Video

Video provides potential home buyers with a richer experience than pictures alone. The advantage of video is its inherent ability to tell a story about the property. It gives added dimension to space and allows viewers to feel the flow of a home.

The ubiquity of Video on the internet

90% of homebuyers now use the internet to search listings for their new home. Users are becoming accustomed to seeing video everywhere they turn on the internet. The average web user spends 48 seconds on a website, the same user spends close to 6 minutes on a site that has video. It's simple, really...people like video. Adding video to your listings attracts home shoppers who are familiar with the web's latest technologies.


The data about potential new leads that can be harvested from the use of video is head-and-shoulders above using simple photos. Users feel a sense of engagement with video which can then be captured so that you can analyze the viewing patterns for a property.

Gain leads by connecting with potential buyers via a clickable call-to-action at the end of your video or enable email address collection directly within the video unit.

Video Hosting

We take all of the complications out of video by hosting the files on a state of the art online video platform. You can can embed the video anywhere you want...your firm's website, social media sites and 3rd party listing aggregators. Our online video platform ensures your video will play smoothly on any device using any type of browser anywhere in the world.


Video provides an abundance of data on who's watching, which parts of the video users have watched, skipped and rewatched so you can learn about the selling points for a particular listing.

Video SEO

RE Reel will create video sitemaps to help search engines read the content on your videos. This allows your listings to rank higher in search results and most importantly drives traffic to your website and not some other other 3rd party host.


RE Reel videos are easily embedded on your website but they can also be played directly in a Tweet or in a Facebook feed. Social media sharing buttons can be added to help spread the word in your network about a new listing.

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